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Yesterday I was walking past Flagstaff Gardens on my way to meet a new business connection for coffee when I stood on something uneven and rolled my ankle. I flailed and flapped but did not fall. I did say 'fuck' very loudly and dropped my handbag, which promptly spewed its contents all over the footpath.

A chap stopped to see if I was ok or needed any help. I was unharmed, other than my ego being a little bruised. We walked together chatting for a while, and it turns out that he is *exactly* my target market! So, we exchanged business cards and I connected with him on Linkedin today. He is unlikely to forget me in a hurry, but whether he is willing to entrust any work to me remains to be seen!
dangerous red head


Today I am alternating between doing some tidying and assorted houswifery, social media, and reading my stylist course materials, which have been neglected for many weeks. Indigo is in the back room, relishing her freedom.

At 5 I'm going to the gym for the 5.45pm RPM (Cycling) class.

Isn't my life exciting today!

Meanwhile, I've loaded the rest of the photos to my Supanova photo album - see link in prevous post.

PS where is the spell check option?!?!?
dangerous red head

brain is tired

I have made it to the end of part 2 of my mediation course. This morning I took the practical exam for accreditation. We get our results in "a few weeks time'.
It's amazing how much we all developed over the last  days. I feel so much more comfortable and confident with the process and structure of this model -  I think it would appeal to splodgenoodles too.
And now I am looking forward to some brain candy, before I have to prepare for Monday's classes. 
dangerous red head

settling in

I find I need to keep reminding myself I am not on holiday/long weekend, and I don't need to rush to squeeze everything in. If I want to sit on the couch and watch some TV, that's ok, I don't need to multi-task to keep the sewing projects ticking over. And if I want to spend all afternoon at the sewing machine, I can do the scheduled readings another day.  It's quite nice.

Having said that, I do have some essential commitments coming up. Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday I'll be at the Advanced Mediation course part A from 8.30 am - 6 pm daily. Next Monday I teach my first tutorials at Vic Uni. Hapilly, week 1 is all about introductions, getting to know you, organising some admin bits and bobs, so no reading for me to do.

Starting next week, my schedule will look a little like this: Mon & Wed teaching; Tuesday free; Thursday cultural outing (art gallery, library, etc); Friday preparing for next week's tutorials. In amongst this I will also be continuing my stylist course (I have fallen behind my own timetable), and doing things in anticipation of starting my own business (ABN, GST, marketting, etc).

PS: where has the spell check button gone?

New year, new paths, new opportunities

A few days before the Christmas break, I gave notice to my boss. I will leave this job and this company on 15 February 2013.

I am enrolled in a course to become an accredited mediator during February and March. I am continuing with my course to become an accredited stylist. After that, I'm not sure.

I realised I've spent 20 years in the dedicated pursuit of being a lawyer, and it isn't sustaining me, in fact, it's harming me. I may return to the law sometime, but for now, I'm looking forward to just 'floating' for a while, drifting through the world, being creative, taking opportunities as they come, rather than the frantic pursuit of some vaguely defined goal in an inherently conservative, deadline driven, combative, environment.

I am feeling elation, hope, fear, regret, anxiety and excitement. Often all at once. But above all else this feels 'right'.

The big downside is that we be a one income household for a while, and I may come down with cabin fever if I don't socialise regularly, so I am hoping my friends will enjoy picnics, walks, cups of tea, art galleries, window shopping, people watching and other low-cost activities with me in the coming months.
Green Raincoat

In mourning

There's something to be said about a formal period of mourning.
Cultures that still preserve the practice are on the right track IMO.

Just having normal conversations is difficult; thinking, planning, making arrangements takes huge efforts. Most of the time I just want to be left alone. Don't talk to me, don't try to help me, for the love of my sanity Do Not Move My Things, I'll never find them when I need them.

Tomorrow we fly up to Wollongong. My uncle's funeral is on Monday morning, then a luncheon afterwards. We fly home Tuesday. We've arranged flights and accom with dear, close friends (having promised to dine with them on Monday is also a handy excuse to get away from the family), and the neighbours will look after Indigo. Next up we have to pack (more planning) then we'll be on auto pilot for a few days.

Aftr we reuten we will be reviewing our diaries and assessing our social commitments. From now until the Timor Trip, we wll be in mourning. Please do not be offended if we decline your invitation on those grounds.
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